Jollys of Orkney have served Orkney for almost 60 years, and continue to be Orkney's number one source for premium quality fish and shellfish.

Today, the company remains a family owned business, owned by Orcadians George and Anne Stout. It is still thriving, and continues to use traditional methods in this modern age, such as smoking fish in their own kiln, as well as filleting fish and preparing shellfish by hand.  Their shop at Hatston offers a wide range of fresh and smoked seafood as well as a host of other popular quality Orkney products, such as cheese, meats, oatcakes and biscuits etc.

Generations of Orcadians, young and old, are regular customers at their Hatston Shop. Folk are always popping in to choose a nice piece of fresh fish, or choosing freshly made delicious hot and cold filled rolls or pies for a mid-morning snack. Ready made meals, also hand made on the premises to traditional recipes are also very popular.

That same personal touch now reaches a much wider market. In the 1950's fish vans from Jollys used to visit rual areas of Orkney, and now, almost 60 years later - through the internet mail order service - Jollys products are shared with the world.

Some of the most prestigious hotels in Scotland, such as Gleneagles and The Balmoral, are supplied with quality produce from Jollys, as are many local establishments here in Orkney.

You can also visit us in our fantastic Kirkwall deli, The Brig Larder and browse through a large range of our fish produce as well as a selection of Orkney Fudge, Cheese, Oatcakes, Meat and more.

Please browse our website for a flavour of Orkney which can be yours at the touch of a button.  There's free UK delivery on all orders over £20, so go on, what are you waiting for!