The Best Beaches in Scotland

Mid-August and the summer is coming to an end. However, it’s not over yet and at Jolly’s, we’re celebrating the final weeks of summer at the beach. We have even put together a beach day collection, making it easier to pick up your favourites for your beach picnic.

So, to inspire you, we have also put together our top picks from beaches around Scotland, from home in Orkney to the city of Edinburgh.

Best beach in Orkney

Sands of Evie Beach

Sands of Evie, situated on the northwest coast of the Orkney mainland, is famous for its beautiful views, golden sands and bright blue water. Overlooking the uninhabited island of Eynhallow and Rousay, the Sands of Evie is also a great place to spot ducks and other birdlife.

The beach can be wild and windy at times, but during the calmer summer days, it’s the perfect place for paddling in the shallow water and, if you’re lucky, watching seals in the sea just offshore.

It’s a twenty-minute drive out of Kirkwall, and only a half-hour walk from the Broch of Gurness.

Best beach in Glasgow

Boden Boo

If you’re up for an adventure, and something a little different, Boden Boo is a woodland and riverside beach just outside of Glasgow. There is around 2-miles of informal trails and perfect picnic spots for your beach day box.


Then make your way down to the beach, with fantastic views of the bridge.

Although these walks are wonderful for both dogs and kids, always keep in mind that wildlife is about and you may need to keep your dog on a lead.

Best beach in Edinburgh


Perfect for swimming, sunbathing or enjoying our beach day box, Portobello beach is only a couple miles outside of Edinburgh city centre. This two-mile stretch of sand and sea is award-winning and hosts many events such as Big Beach Busk, international volleyball competitions and triathlon events.

Interesting fact: Portobello was in fact an independent town until 1896. It still retains its unique character with Georgian villas and Victorian tenements adding to its charming seaside feel.

Best beach in Thurso

Dunnet Bay

Dunnet bay is protected from the Scottish winds by rolling dunes, leaving the 2-mile stretch of sands perfect for sunbathing and picnicking.

You can also spend the day wildlife spotting, or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can go surfing! The beach is a surfer’s haven and offers some quite dramatic surf when the winds are high.

Dogs are welcome on the beach and despite it being such a gorgeous beach, it’s often peaceful with few visitors.

Best beach in Dundee

Broughty Ferry beach

Four miles outside of the city f Dundee, Broughty Ferry boasts a historic castle, beach side miniature golf and some of the nicest beaches in Dundee.

Whether you feel like sitting on the promenade, or down on the sandy beach, as one of the sunniest cities in Scotland, you’re almost assured to get a nice day to sit out with a beach box.

August 16, 2022
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